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Terms And Conditions ​摄影游学规则

  • For cancellations more than 90 days from departure, we will fully refund all money paid.

  • 出发前超过 90 天取消预订,我们将全额退还已支付的所有款项。

  • If canceled between 90 days and 40 days before departure, an administrative fee of 6% of the total amount will be deducted; or the full amount will be reserved for other itineraries of the next photography tour.

  • 出发之前90天-40天之间取消的,扣除总金额6% 的行政执行费用后,退还余额; 或全额留作下次摄影游学和其它线路。

  • If canceled within 40 days before departure, the deposit will not be refunded.

  • 出发前40天以内取消的, 定金不退。

  • Workshop balances are due 40days before the start date (unless specified otherwise) of the Workshop.

  • 摄影游学余额应在游学开始日期(除非另有说明)前40天支付。

  • If the trip is canceled due to the organizer's reasons, the entire advance payment will be refunded.

  • 由于组织者的原因取消行程,退还全部预付款。

  • If the visa is not approved, the full amount paid will be refunded, but an administrative fee of 6% of the total amount will be deducted; or the full amount will be reserved for the next photography tour and other routes.

  • 由于签证没有通过的, 退还支付的款项,但是要扣除总金额6% 的行政执行费用; 或全额留作下次摄影游学和其它线路。

  • If you are not present at the time of trip departure, we will try our best to contact you. We cannot offer any refunds for no-shows.

  • 如果在摄影游学开始时,您未能到场,我们将尽力与您联系。对于此种缺席情况,我们无法提供任何退款。

  • ​Once the workshop started, if you quit for any personal resons, all money paid will not be refundable.

  • 摄影游学开始后,因个人原因退出行程者,所支付的费用均不可退还。

  • There will be NO REFUND for weather delay or cancellation due to weather or any other unforeseen issues before arrival, during or after the scheduled workshop.

  • 由于不可抗拒原因而需要变更行程产生的费用,包括但不限于流行病导致的行程取消、自然灾害、航班延误或取消、车辆故障、交通意外等等,都由参加者自行负担所产生的费用。

  • Receipt of the balance shall be deemed that the payer has agreed and accepted the arrangements and terms of the itinerary.

  • 收到余款既视为支付者已经同意和接受行程的安排和条款。

  • I require that you purchase quality travel insurance. including emergency medical insurance;Flight and travel Accident insurance.*If your trip is cancelled for any reason beyond my control, you will not be entitled to a refund and your sole remedy will be with your trip insurance provider.

  • 我要求每个人要买国际旅行和医疗保险。其中要包括:紧急就医 emergency medical insurance; 意外伤残保险Flight and travel Accident insurance

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